Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sixteen Tons, again!

I worked at the bookstore for four hours today and managed to pack about 27 boxes of books to send back to publishers. Most of the boxes were small, around 10 pounds or so, but I managed to clear most of a bay of books. So, I got some work done.

Then I went to the grocery store. On my list I had "Coffee, cat food, toilet paper." So how did I spend $64? Well, I decided I needed bird food for my cockatiel, and for the wild birds (they really like black-oiled sunflower seeds, and I can't find them in the town where I live); I bought marjoram (I ran across a recipe that uses it); I bought six Lean Cuisine dinners (they were on sale--six for $10--a good deal); and, of course, I needed ice cream and a cheese grater (I can't find the one I had), and then I bought some Cheez-Its.

Do you see a connection between any of this? I don't, and I can't figure out how my brain works. It never takes me to the beer or wine aisles; I totally avoided the vegetable section and the canned goods' section. I had a list. So how did all the rest of this stuff end up in my basket? It's a mystery to me. But at least I have a good balance between the "diet food" and the junk food; I also have tomatoes and squash from the garden and a stockpile of frozen veggies to go with anything I choose to cook.

Besides reading student papers (a given), I have a few other projects to work on (Norton Oral History Project, Fall courses, mowing the grass at some point, weeding the garden), and I'll be working at the bookstore on Monday (8am to 5pm--a whole day--yikes!). I won't be idle on my "vacation," that's for sure!

I hope all of my students have a relaxing break! I've tried not to load them down with too much work!

Update on the Budster: We (the vet and I) think Buddy may have gotten into rat poison--what's called a "rodenticide anticoagulant." It's a poison that thins out the rat's blood and eventually kills it. If Buddy ate a rat that had eaten poison, or eaten some of the poison, that could have caused the "spontaneous" bleeding. The vitamin K pills seem to be working. Bud's doing fine, except when I have to give him his medicine. I have to wrap him in a towel to give him the meds so he doesn't scratch the hell out of me. He goes back to the vet in the morning to have his stitches removed. Hooray!


Kathryn Usher said...

Good idea on the towel wrap! We have one cat we have to bath in the kitchen sink because of her skin condition. I wear gardening gloves to hold her and Katee lathers her up. Now tell me again... why do we like these critters?

CrackHeadforTennis said...

I'm glad that Buddy didn't eat a poison rat. Hopefully everything goes well while being at the vet tomorrow. I'm so sick of the rain. You're braver than I'am with a cat.
See ya'

Chaos ReDefined said...

OMG!!! wow i've been taking the time to catch up on all of your blogs. SO i've completely read all the way from May. Glad to hear that Buddy is doing well. I've only had my cat, Cali, for little over two weeks and Steve and I are all ready attached to her. And I've also found out something very intriguing. When cats bring in birds and leave them for you it is considered a sign of respect and love. Who would have thunk it! Well at least that is what the cali's vet in Destin told us. Well I must let you go. But I'm extremely happy that you bought a riding lawn mower. You sure deserve it. I miss you more than ever and hope that my new teachers at the University of West Florida are as caring and passionate about their jobs as you are. Hope all is well on your side of the world.

Virginia LaBorde

Chotalai said...

So glad that Buddy is better. Thanks for the info on rat poison. What a way to get killed. You mentioned working a full day at the bookstore? Was it rough? No wonder you did not have time for too many emails during break.
It's a weird thing about grocery lists. I too have problems sticking with my list. If I go without a list I fare much better at checkout.