Saturday, June 23, 2007

Muffin Day

I love to bake. I especially love to bake when I'm angry or upset because I can work out some of my frustrations mixing and chopping. Today, I made about four dozen muffins (most of which I will give away--if I ate all of them I'd gain way too much weight)--strawberry-banana, blueberry-orange, and the best of all, zuchinni-chocolate. As the cook, I had to sample one of each, of course! The zuchinni were the best of the bunch, though each flavor has its merits.

Why was I angry/frustrated? I've just spent an extraordinary amount of money to find out that my little cat didn't have a blockage in his stomach, as the emergency vet insisted. In fact, Dr. Jeff said that Buddy didn't have anything in his stomach. No bird's head, no feathers. Something irritated his stomach, but, whatever it was, it wasn't there when Buddy got to Dr. Anderson's. The matter in Buddy's intestines resembled a black peppermint stick, according to Dr. Jeff; basically, he gave Buddy an enema--the doc flushed out his stomach and his intestines. A very expensive high colonic, if you ask me! Anyway, Buddy's recuperating at the clinic over the weekend. Dr. Jeff wants to make sure that Buddy's over his vomiting episode.

So, here's the lesson I've learned. Cats are cats. They will eat stuff they shouldn't and, while bloody vomit is scary, caution is best. Next time, I'll just lock the cat in the bathroom for 24 hours and let his digestive system calm down. If he's still sick after that, he goes to Dr. Jeff. No more emergency vets. That's the same as using the emergency room for a cold. Dumb!

So, I think I'll bake some bread later. I need to punch something, and dough is, at least, safe.


Kathryn Usher said...

Glad to hear the cat's okay. Sorry to hear about the big vet bill. I think PetsMart has like a pet insurance deal but I don't know if it covers emergencies. What's a concerned pet owner to do? With three cats and three dogs over on D street, I understand where you're coming from.

Your muffins sound tasty baked all from scratch. I can't match that but I am thinking about adding applesauce to a box mix of brownies today so I won't have to use veggie oil.

dotsmom said...

Yum! But, if you want it, I can send you a recipe for zuchinni chocolate muffins that are to die for! They're not hard to make, either.

Cat's okay. I picked him up today and the vet and I are both confounded--if he can't figure it out, how can I? Poor little Buddy is very needy; he's been sitting on my lap most of the day.