Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cat Update...

I worry too much and I forget that cats are crafty. I started filling food bowls this morning and Boudreaux was first in line for chow! I gave him a quick twice over and he seemed to be fine. He ate and perched himself in his favorite spot on the sofa for a good cleaning and a nap. No doubt I will find him in the same place when I get home later.

When I went outside to look for him last night, I noticed the bugs around the security lights in my neighbor's yard. I searched for bats--they are drawn to the bugs. I'm pretty sure we have bats in the country, but I don't know that I've actually seen any. But, while I was looking for the bats, an owl swooped through the yard and perched in one of the neighbor's trees. Good! Another helper to rid the area of rats. (I really, really, really HATE rats!)

Anyway, Boo is fine--and that means I'm fine, too.

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CrackHeadforTennis said...

Cool, cats who leave rat heads in the yard. You give your cats the coolest names. Are you afraid of the snakes? I do not like snakes. When I was little, I saw a rattlesnake in the yard. Terrified. You seem to have the "Kill Rats" Dream Team surrounding your home. I came by your office Wednesday around 11:15, but I saw that you changed your office hours. I will try to come by there and see you. I was sad. I will chit chat w/ you later. See ya'