Monday, June 25, 2007

Buddy's Home!

And seasons 1 & 2 of The Closer came today, so I'm typing this, watching The Closer, and holding Buddy. He's needy today. I have to read/grade student essays, and will get on that in a minute.

Dr. Jeff told me that Buddy had been doing fine, but, when Dr. J. went to check on him Sunday, Buddy had blood in his feces and had hacked up blood, too. So, Dr. J. started giving Buddy vitamin K shots to help his blood clot. I have antibiotics and some vitamin K to give the cat, and we'll go back to the vet's on Friday to have the stitches out. As soon as Buddy heals from this, he and Bubba are going in for sex-adjustment surgery (They need to be neutered; snip-snip). Then we start the shots for everybody.

I'm glad I've found a local vet; I'm really glad Buddy's home, and I think the other cats are glad, too. Last night, I was sitting on the couch, surrounded by cats. I think they were afraid I was going to take them away, too, so they tried to cozy up to me.


CrackHeadforTennis said...

I'm so happy that Buddy is home. I feel bad for Buddy. You must be happy that he is home. You are like Hagrid because he would always take care of any animal. Thanks for your comments. I was wondering if the font colors were too dark. Venus barely made it. Her opponent was good. I hope that you read this e-mail today or tomorrow because I would like to see you on Thursday because I have a meeting at the library. The meeting starts at 12:00, but I was going to come around 11:00-11:30-ish. If that is alright. If not then I will try my best to see you at another time. Hope to see you soon. Still love your blogs.


dotsmom said...

Sorry, Shardai, I didn't turn the computer on at all on Wednesday! I was computered out!

Yeah, Buddy's doing fine. And I like the comparison to Hagrid. Listen, I'm having lunch with someone next Thursday, probably, so I might be hanging out later. Or, how about Friday, July 6? I'd be glad to stay later if I can spend some time visiting with you. Let me know.

K. Smith