Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Yard Full of Cardinals and One Big Turtle!

The rain brought all of the birds out, but I counted at least six Cardinals--mostly female, though I did see (I think) two males. These guys seem to have a harem between them!

And this was just a fluke, but, while I was looking out the back door, I saw this HUGE turtle lumbering across the yard towards the ditch. I at least had the presence of mind to take some pictures. Here's one. He sat still while I crouched down in the rain to snap his pic! And anyone who says that turtle's are slow didn't see this one booking it across the yard! He/she was really moving. The picture doesn't do justice to it's size--it was at least 12 inches long. Amazing! And very weird that I just happened to look out the door at the precise moment it decided to make a run for it!
Nature offers all manner of sights if we just pay attention! Along with the dog, the snake and the birds, I have an abundance of distractions to occupy me.
I've picked five yellow squash from my garden, medium-sized, not really huge. But I ate some for dinner the other night and they were yummy! I'm just waiting for the tomatoes and peppers now.


A Simple Song of Hope said...

I don't know if it is appropriate for me to tell you that I think you are cute; but, that is definitely my main thought when I read about you in your yard.

A Simple Song of Hope said...

In response to your comment, I thought I would try something a little more private to help me be more consistent and (hopefully!) experimental I think the change of venue will remove concerns of all of my friends reading and possibly judging.

CrackHeadforTennis said...

A snake!! Oh my God. You have your very own wildlife in your yard. Last week, there was a dog. Now you have a snake, some birds, and a fast turtle. Animals are attracted to you. Love your blogs. Hope to see you soon.

Morse Code said...

Your picture of that turtle reminds me of the Comcast commercials. Some of those are so cute. It also reminds me of my trip to Wal-mart last week. We were walking up to the entrance on a rainy day and saw a turtle in a stack of those plastic kid pools they had outside. It was pretty big and was swimming in the water from the rain. A couple of employees said it had been there for a couple of days and asked us if we wanted it. They should make it the new Wal-mart greeter.

Jimmy said...

My dad has an aquarium full of turtles. He has always been a big "nature guy" so we have many different types of fish and turtles in our house. I think he has five aquariums altogether including the ones that he keep at school.

My sister and RJ got back Sunday and they saw the apartment. I put it on a blog. Talk to you later.