Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another "Gift"

When I sat down to read my students' second drafts today, I noticed feathers. I looked closer and found the body of a sparrow, sans head, on my desk. The last time one of my cats left me such a gift, I received the head and tail feathers of a Cardinal. So I guess I should be happy I didn't find the body of a red bird on my desk. But, really, these "gifts" are annoying. I'm still finding feathers in the nooks and crannies; I'm really afraid I'm going to find the head, too. (reminds me of the famous scene in "The Godfather"--the horse's head in the bed! Yikes!)

I love my cats, but this is too much. And, to top this off, Buddy, one of my younger cats, keeps throwing up--food, water, grass. I'd blame it on hairballs, but he doesn't seem to shed much. I'm thinking he ate something he shouldn't have. I'd blame his gastrointestinal problems on the food, but none of the other cats are throwing up, so he might have gotten into something he shouldn't. I need to find some homeopath remedy for this. First, though, I need to keep him away from food for a day or so. I think I'll lock him in the study (that's one way to keep the others from leaving me dead birds!).

I welcomed the thunderstorm tonight. I thought I'd have to go out and water the garden in the morning so it would get its one-inch for the week, but I think it will be fine for a couple of days. I picked quite a few tomatoes tonight and a squash. I'm still not sure when the peppers will be ready, but I may just have to pick one and try it out. I had a salad for dinner and threw in a couple of the cherry tomatoes. Yum!


Simple Song of Hope said...

My co-workers and I are frequently given " gifts" (drawings, leaves, feathers, pecans....among other things) proudly by the little girls we coach as tokens of affection.
I refer to them as dead birds.
I know that they do it to be sweet, but really it is just another thing to throw away or dirty my backseat.

How is your 226 class? Brilliant?

dotsmom said...

You bet--my class is wonderful. I'm glad that the class is small and I can get to know my students more easily. I've received some interesting first essays.

You are in summer school, right? How many classes are your taking? I changed my office hour to 9am, since most of my students go to work after class. Come see me!

K. Smith