Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Semester

Here we go again!  The spring semester is nearly a week old, and we've had our first bad weather scare.   Usually, the powers that be overreact and shut everything down, but they didn't this time, probably because the daytime temps were above freezing.  I delayed my start time when I had to drive in to the University, and I didn't have any problems.

A colleague of mine told me that some of the parents of seniors at Byrd High School kept their children home on Wednesday, January 16, because one of the seniors was in a near-fatal car crash on Tuesday.  I haven't read anything about the accident, but the young lady suffered severe head trauma when her car skidded on black ice and flipped. No word yet on her condition.  I'm sorry that happened, and I'm wondering if school could have been delayed by a couple of hours; that might have prevented the accident, but who really knows?  I hope the young woman recovers, but the outlook is not good.

At my house, I had to contend with wet, cold chickens and grumpy cats!  I managed to put up tarps to help break the north wind; those helped enormously. The chickens still weren't happy, but at least they were a bit warmer.

The sun is out today, and the temps are supposed to rise into the 50s.  I can see the hens, already, basking in the sun.  I hope the runs dry out quickly--we're supposed to have more rain soon.

The work at Casa Smith never ends, so I'm off to complete as many tasks as possible.  Enjoy this sunny day!