Friday, July 06, 2007

A Very "Harry" Holiday...and More Rain Than I Can Stand!

Well, I had a six-day break from school (and I AM counting the weekend!), and, instead of doing much work, I re-read the last two Harry Potter books and watched the third and fourth movies. The Order of the Phoenix movie premiers on July 11th and the last book comes out on July 21. I'll be working that day (NOT for the midnight party--I've only worked one of those and that's all I needed to work), so I'll pick up the five copies I've pre-ordered. My sister in Houston gets one copy, my sister in Bossier gets two, I get one copy and I'll send one copy to my son in Austin. I plan to spend most of that weekend reading the new book; I read The Half-Blood Prince in two days, so I should be able to finish this one (which is considerably shorter, I've heard) during that weekend. The Potter books are great birthday presents for me--they usually come out a few days before my birthday, so I celebrate by buying myself a copy.

My biggest point of contention right now is the rain. I spent nearly $1000 on a riding lawnmower, and I haven't been able to mow the grass for almost two weeks because of this rain! Today, I drove into school early for an advising appointment (which the student cancelled at 7:45am--she called my school phone. That was about the time I left my house). Driving was fine until I hit the Caddo Parish line--then, the sky fell open. I could hardly see, the road flooded, and I had to reduce my speed considerably to avoid hydroplaning (but some idiots passed me doing 80, at least!). Only five students (out of 12) showed up for class, but we had a good talk. By the time I left the college, the rain had stopped in Caddo, but had moved south to Red River Parish (of course!); I drove home in the same rainstorm. Go figure!

I'm tired of rain. My garden is saturated; the potted plants overflow; the cats are going loony, running around the house to expend their energy. But I've discovered that they calm down if they have boxes to sleep in, so I've put boxes in several rooms for them. What is with that?

If the rain ever stops, I'm going to try to mow my grass, which is knee-high right now. I guess this is better than 115 degrees (Viva Las Vegas!), but I'm not so sure!

Stay dry!


Chaos ReDefined said...

Wow! A six day break Go You!!! As for the weather issues, I completely understand your plight. At 10 this morning it was 92 degrees and everyday this week around 3:00 pm we have a thunderstorm. So rain and heat along with the humidity. . .yea its like being in Louisiana again.

I finally got a break with the job issue although it isn't exactly a good break. I found a job at the Okaloosa Walton College bookstore but it is only for the beginning rush of the fall semester. The pay is decent (9.30 per/hr) however, its only until August. So in the meantime I'll be pulling in some cash but still looking for another job to get rid of some medical and credit card bills. OH THE LIFE OF AN ADULT!!!

As far as Cali, we got her through Feline Friends and although she isn't old enough yet we did get her a free "fix". So no, she will not be producing any little babies. Which is good because she's a little hellion as it is. Speaking of the little hellion, you will be proud to know that I've learned how to crochet. It isn't as cool as knitting but for an uncoordinated person like me, I think its pretty good. Back to the point, I found Cali with the whole roll of yarn and she had eaten it. I had to dig it out of her mouth. She was trying to swallow the whole thing, and now I've got to go back to my teacher and get her to start me off again because of the cat. It really angered me because of the time and effort that I put into the blanket for Steve's sister's baby. But it was funny too.

Well, I hope you can ride along on your new beauty soon. And that you don't melt in all that rain! ;)! Hope you have a good break!

dotsmom said...


I left a message on your blog; did you see it? I loved the wedding pictures--wow! Getting married on a beach--how cool is that?

Be careful about the yarn thing--if the cat swallows it, take her to the vet so he/she can pull it out. And, of course, if it comes out the other end, definitely take her to the vet! Don't try to pull it out as it can damage the cats innards! Isn't that helpful advice? But kind of gross too!

I miss you! I hope I hear from you again soon.

Congrats on the job, for however long it lasts. They may like you so much that they'll find a place for you.