Friday, July 27, 2007

The End of the Semester Looms Large...

and, as usually happens about this time, I got a phone call from the bookstore asking me when and how many days I could work next week (which is finals' week, of course!). Since I'm not giving a "final," in the true sense, and since I have until August 6th to turn in grades, I think I can spare a few afternoons to pack books in boxes. Besides, the extra money is good.

So, I'll go in Monday and work for about four or five hours, then maybe I'll go in Wednesday; maybe, if I don't feel like sleeping for two days, I'll go in Thursday or Friday--but I think I'll try to get my grades posted by Thursday. Then, I can run by the school and turn in a printed copy of my grades on Friday and work at the bookstore after that. Sounds like a plan.

My children sent me flowers for my birthday, which was a wonderful surprise, since they've never sent me flowers before. AND they had them delivered to the school (the day after my birthday)! More than made my day special (and the day after, too). I usually celebrate my BD all week, so I don't mind getting a "late" present.

Today I stopped by Mr. Lester's and bought two boxes of peaches. I've made two batches of peach honey--when I use pint jars, one batch only fills up two-and-a-half pint jars. So, I have about five pints. I cut up about four pounds of peaches, though, covered them with sugar, and will use those for peach preserves tomorrow. But I still have one whole box of peaches and about 1/4 of another box. These had just been picked; they are crunchy, almost like apples, so I'm not getting many soft peaches out of these boxes; I think I need to let the rest of them sit for a day or two.

I had pancakes for dinner; I haven't cooked pancakes in years, but, tonight, I just decided I wanted some. That's the best part of living alone--you don't have to worry about cooking for anyone but yourself!


Chotalai said...

-I love to eat breakfast for dinner. Once or twice a month, I serve breakfast food for dinner. It just tastes better for some reason. Usually mornings are rushed because it is the start of the day. Most people are on the run. Where as dinner is the end of the day, and people are more apt to relax and enjoy the meal. And overeating at dinner is acceptable.
-And you are right about living alone. You only have to make yourself happy. And even better is the fact that you only have yourself to clean after. If you pick up after yourself then there isn't much cleaning to do. Best of all is the fact that you can't disagree with yourself.

Foodie said...

Yum, I love pancakes! I actually made some Saturday for my dad. I allow myself to eat whatever I want on the weekends, but I over did it this weekend. I ate a whole batch of cookie dough in less than two days. I am on a sugar high right now. Sounds like you had a good weekend. See you in class tomorrow.