Thursday, July 19, 2007

More Car Stuff

The new tires are great. The ride has been smoother, but the noise level has not.

Around Monday of this week, I started hearing a knocking noise. Of course, since I know nothing about cars, I begin to think "brake shoes," "struts," "ball joints," "rod." This only started after the guys installed the new tires, so another logical jump was, "Something's loose around one of the wheels." If I went less than 20 mph, I didn't hear a noise, but, the minute I accelerated, there it was. The noise was incredibly deafening and nerve-wracking.

So, today after class, I took the car back over to Gateway. Turns out, one of the brake shields was loose and knocking about. They fixed it for free (thank you!), and the ride home was so much quieter!

I love technology--cars, lawn mowers, iPods, computers--but I just wish it was easier to deal with. When desktop computers first came out, the user had to do everything. I sometimes wish I still had that level of control. Same with my car. Now that everything runs via computer, one glitch and I'm stuck. I hate being that dependent on strangers; forget Blanche DuBois in "Streetcar Named Desire" ("I have always relied on the kindness of strangers."). It's a nice sentiment, but I'm too suspicious and/or cynical. Most people are not going to help you because they want to. They'll help you if they get something for it. That's not everyone, of course; I know enough to not generalize. But the altruistic person (not to mention, business) is hard to find.

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Chotalai said...

-I am glad the noise was investigated and the culprit was fixed. Even though Bobby is mechanically gifted I still worry about bumps and noises on my car. That was nice of Gateway to fix the brake shield for free. Not that many places will do that anymore, even if it is their fault.
-I love this amazing technical gizmo run world that we live in. I hate to admit defeat but some gizmos are too much. Every thing is high tech. Nothing is simple any more.
-As for being suspicous or cynical, a person has to be in this day and time. The top rated shows honor participants who back-stab, under-cut, and will do anything to get ahead. That should make a person wonder about society in general. But there still are people who treat others as they want to be treated. But a person has to be careful, because he or she can draw back a nub.