Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Peachy Day

When I woke this morning, the sun was shining--finally--and a cool breeze blew through the backyard. I drank my coffee and made my list.

Mr. Lester's Farm was my first stop. Unfortunately for me (fortunately for him), every other person in the area had the same idea that I had. His produce stand was packed and a photographer from Southern Living was on hand, snapping pics. I bought a cabbage for my mom, a jar of local honey, and a box of peaches ($14.50 a box--cheap and delicious!).

The grocery store was my next stop for some needed supplies, including some canning jars. Then I went to the Ace Hardware store to get lawnmower oil (I have to go back; I needed 48oz of oil and the two bottles I bought only add up to 40oz. I should wear my glasses! I'll go back tomorrow--then I'll change the oil in the lawnmower).

The entire trip took less than an hour. When I got back home, I opened up my copy of The Southern Country Cookbook, which I've owned since 1973. The last chapter of the book has recipes for jams, jellys, preserves, etc. I made something called "Peach Honey." It looks similar to preserves and it just consists of sugar, peaches and lemon juice. Cook until thick, ladle into sterilized jars, and voila! Great Christmas gift with a jar of muffin or biscuit mix.

And, since I'm overrun with tomatoes at the moment, I made a lasagne with tomatoes, yellow squash and zuchinni. Yum-my.

What I must do tomorrow: (1) change the lawnmower's oil; (2) mow the grass (if the rain stays away); (3) general housekeeping; (4) catch up on schoolwork.

Now, I'm off to read and grade papers and assignments. And, later, I'm going to try out my new blender and make a fruit smoothie!


CrackHeadforTennis said...

Thanks for your comments! I can't wait for the movie to come out. I'm going to see it tonight. I'm constantly reading the 6th book. I should be finished before the 7th book comes. I can't believe that you are a fan of HP. I will not read my e-mail until I'm finished with the book. Hopefully, no one will spoil it for me esp. my mom who hates HP.

I was so happy that it did not rain last saturday, too. I didn't do anything, but it was nice to see the blue sky which seems rare to me. I think that it is cool that you make your own jelly. I was really happy that Venus won. Hopefully the Williams sisters can keep it up. I almost cried tears of non-joy when Federer won. Nadal showed the world that he will win Wimbledon some day. Federer really needs to watch his freaking back. I hope that you saw that match. It was something to keeps your eyes on. Chat later

Chotalai said...

Did you get your oil change done on your lawnmower? Bravo to you. I love to hear of women who are tough enough to attempt "men jobs". Women are not as strong as men. But we can handle many "men jobs".
That peach honey sounds really good. I know that you mentioned it the other day and I almost drooled. Can we beg for the recipe to be posted to your blog?