Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Caved!

I saw the baby chicks at the Feed and Seed store the other day, but resisted the temptation to buy them.  Then I read up on caring for them.  On my second trip to the S&F, I bought four--two Buff Orpingtons (the golden ones) and two Barred Rocks (the black ones).

I'm waiting for the temps to warm up today to put them in the movable coop for a while.  I want them to become used to seeing the big chickens before I put them in the coop.  They need to grow, as well, since they are only about three weeks old.

Cute, huh? Like I needed more chickens.  That brings my total count to 10.


Kristen said...

Thanks for sharing pics - next thing you know, I'll be caving, too. :)

Bouney said...

Cute!! I agree with Kristen next thing you know i'll be caving in too. : ) My husband would die if I came home with some chicks LOL!! He fusses enough about having to feed the horse, the dog and the cat when the kids don't do it. Good thing I feed the bird! I really don't think he minds that much (I actually think he enjoys it) but, it gives him something to fuss about. : ) What are you doing with all those eggs?

dotsmom said...

I give some of the eggs to friends and family. I collect about two dozen a week. I'm going to freeze some of them--I've not done that before--for when they moult. They don't lay then.

This is my first chicken experience--chicks are problematic. What do I do with them until they are ready to go in the coop? Right now, they are in a box in my kitchen at night. I've been putting them out during the day, and they love that. But soon they will be too big for the box!