Saturday, March 24, 2012

Facebook Page for Students

If you can't reach me by any of the other ways I've given you, try, which I set up today.  I also have a  twitter account that I don't use much, dotsmom1.  I have no idea how to use twitter, so I'll have to find some instructions. 

Home email:
Skype: dotsmom
Yahoo IM:
Twitter: dotsmom1
Facebook: see link above

For my English 226 students--post critiques as soon as Moodle comes back up.  If you need to send something to me before Monday, attach it to a message to my home email account. Go ahead and post to your blogs, but I won't be able to read them until the system comes back up.

I know the current power outage at LSUS has thrown many people into confusion, but it's not a crisis.  Just think through it, and, if you have questions and concerns, contact me.  Also, keep an eye on LSUS's Facebook page for updates.

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