Sunday, May 27, 2007

Please Come to Boston...

Well, I went. And it was HOT, hotter than Louisiana. I walked to Chinatown from the Westin Copley (a looooong walk) and back, and the temp was 93. I, of course, brought layers, anticipating 70-degree days. That didn't happen, so I only needed jackets for the hotel. Altogether, though, I had a wonderful time. On my way back from Chinatown, I ducked into Trinity Church to listen to the Friday organ recital. It was lovely. We also ate Italian in Little Italy (the North End), and that was exquisite. Our sessions for the American Religion and Literature Society were well-attended (20 people at least for each session), and I met some wonderful people.

I also wrote a poem (the second in a month). I'll probably revise it still, but here it is:

Going for Italian in the North End

I left home in summer
expecting winter here
but found the thrum of heat and sweat
that proves that where you go
is where you left.
And the walking takes you
to narrow stacked streets,
shops full of cheeses and cannoli,
St. Jude posters with dollars
pinned at the edges.
Diners' voices explode off walls,
spill out the door.
In the Peace Garden,
a rat skims across the sidewalk
and we continue to the T
to rock our way to sleep.

Not totally finished, but something to work on. And I might have an outlet for the Hawthorne paper I wrote in 2001! I'd love to see that published, so I better get to work revising it.

Summer school begins on Friday and I don't feel ready. I have my Moodle site organized, but haven't opened it to students yet. I may do that tomorrow or Tuesday. Wednesday I'll work at the bookstore, but I need to stop in at the college and file the paperwork for my trip to get reimbursed. Too much to do, and I'm about to have even less time.

The garden is flourishing; I hope to be able to harvest some vegetables in the next week or so.

And what's with the gas prices? It's almost not cost-effective for me to drive to work these days. I'm of the opinion that the petroleum companies are out to make big profits, regardless of what it does to consumers. Yeah, I know what they say, but I don't see them investing those profits in refineries.

Off the soapbox! Need to get ready for summer school!


Jimmy said...

This is Jimmy Faires from English 226 and i was just dropping by to let you know that I put a couple of new blogs out there about my sister's wedding. Funny stuff.

Boston, I dont think that I would ever want to go there, they might make fun of my accent.

CrackHeadforTennis said...

Hey Mrs. Smith! Sounds like you had a cool trip. I can't believe that it was hotter in Boston than in Louisiana. Since you been gone on your trip, nothing has been going on. Some people still can't use their signal lights, and now they are bold enough to cut in front of you. Gas prices are still sky high. I still miss your class. Torture your summer class for me (just kidding). I love your poem. Hope to see you next Wednesday during office hours.

A Simple Song of Hope said...

I love these lines:
"but found the thrum of heat and sweat
that proves that where you go
is where you left."

I was glad to see you tonight. It led me to start a blog. :)