Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Garden

I've been checking the garden every day, and I'm happy to say that everything is growing. I took some pictures today--the tomatoes and squash are going great guns; the bell peppers are developing more slowly. I also took pictures of the peach tree. It still has five peaches on it, so I haven't lost any of those.

The pictures are probably a bit fuzzy, but the first is of one of the tomato plants. Nearly all of them (I have 12) have tomatoes on them.

Next is a picture of one of the sqash plants. They are also doing well.

And, of course, I have a picture of a peach on the peach tree. I hope it does better next year, but I bought it after it bloomed and the peaches were already on it.

I feel as though I'm turning into one of those old ladies with her cats and her plants. But, this keeps me busy and out of trouble.

I managed to mow most of the front yard yesterday. I left one dense patch of grass--but it's close to the ditch and doesn't obscure anyone's view of the road.

I need to mow the back yard, but I'm a bit fearful of doing that. Last Saturday, I went out to mow the back yard and a rock flew up and broke the back windshield out of my car! I had to wait five days for the window to come in and pay my deductible; but, of course, that meant I had to file a claim with my insurance company, which means my rates will probably go up. I think I'll park the car in the front yard before I begin to mow.
Well, onto other things. I've been working on my summer class, thinking about my fall classes, preparing for a conference in Boston Thursday, and knitting. I've finished the components for a tank top. I'm waiting for the pieces to dry before I sew it together and I'll post a picture of it when it's finished. I managed to knit a hat and fingerless gloves for Boston; the temp there is about 20 degrees cooler than here, so I need to keep warm. And, of course, I have numerous other projects to keep me busy knitting on the plane, if I can bring my knitting needles with me (I think they lifted that restriction, but I need to check).
All in all, I'm too busy for words. I actually goofed off one day this week, if you call it "goofing off" when I knit and cook. One day, maybe, I'll feel as though I really don't need to do anything but eat and sleep, but that day isn't here yet.


CrackHeadforTennis said...

Hi Mrs. Smith! Thanks for
commenting on my blog. I applaud you for your garden. I can't wait to see the update on your peaches. Thanks for giving me your office hours. The only time that I will be able to see you will be on Wednesday because I go to work at 11:00am on Mon., Tues., and Thurs.. Doesn't that suck. I work at the Noel Library, and I might sneak off from work just to chat with you. One day during Math class, Jimmy (from English) and I were wondering if anybody e-mailed you after you threatened to delete their mail. I still miss your class. Thanks for the comments about my last paper. I was relieved. I won't be taking any summer classes. I needed a "cloud nine" break. Now that I'm out of school, I seem to be lazy. I plan on decorating my apartment, and I will take pictures. I'm goofing off also. Hope to see you soon. Love always, Shardai

Kathryn Usher said...

Your garden is looking good. I'm trying some tomatoes in pots this year. But I'm excellent at growing monkey grass. I'm in the process of dividing clumps up and spreading them through out my yard. Too bad you can't eat the stuff!