Monday, January 23, 2012


I came home this afternoon and found three eggs in the nest box! Someone laid an egg last night, but she dropped it from the roost.  It busted on the floor of the coop.  I went to clean it this afternoon, but I think they managed to push it out with some of the wood shavings.

Last night, one of the leghorns refused to go into the henhouse. I have a light on right now in hopes that they all will go in so I can shut the hatch to keep them safe.

A good second day of chicken owning!

My cat, Boudreaux, spent some time checking them out this afternoon.

I finally had to remove him from the top of the pen.  The chickens were as curious about him as he was about them!

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Jessica said...

Aw I love kitty cats! My sister and I have one, she is so sweet. Our cat's name is Hootie; she was thrown off of a bridge and landed right beside Hooters restaurant. We rescued her and she is in great condition now.