Sunday, December 11, 2011

Best Laid Plans...

Here is the saga of the food donations.

First, some pictures of the donations in my office and in my car.  As you can see, we had quite a bit; I made two trips to my car--thanks to James Frith of my English 215 class for helping with the first load.

So, I loaded all of this in my car, then checked my email.  My friend at the Catholic Charities sent me a message to let me know she had a doctor's appointment and wouldn't be in; in fact, she said they were short-staffed that day. Could I bring the food Thursday?

Hmm...problem.  I live 45 miles away; I wasn't going to drive this food home, then turn around the next day and make the 90-mile round trip to deliver this.  What to do?

Brilliant idea--I took it to my parents' house.  They live two streets over from St. Catherine's, and I knew my dad would take the donations for me--he's a great guy and loves to help.  I went to my mom's house, but my dad was out shopping.  I waited an hour or so; he came home, we loaded the food in his car.

I didn't hear anything Thursday, until my friend at CC sent me a message on Facebook--"When is your dad coming?"  I figured he would have already been there.  I called my mother.  My father, overnight, developed an inner ear infection and couldn't drive.  They tried calling the CC, but no one answered.

So, where is the food?  At the moment, it's in my father's car, still.

My father will either deliver it tomorrow, or my friend will go pick it up.

The irony?  My friend's doctor's appointment wasn't until Friday--she had her days mixed up.

So, as Bobbie Burns says, "The best-laid schemes o' mice and men / gang aft agley" (The best-laid schemes of mice and men often go awry).  No fear--the donations will reach their intended target!

Thanks to all of my students who donated.  It's an easy way to earn extra points and help others in this holiday season.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Have a great break.  I hope that covers everyone!

Addendum:  Note from my friend, Theresa Mormino:

"Kathleen, I've been meaning to write to say thank you again to you and your students. Wow! That was a lot of food and the folks that we pass it out to will also be grateful. Also, your dad is so funny and cute!"

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