Sunday, February 27, 2011

Is It Spring, Yet?

The last few days, I haven't wanted to do anything except go outside and work in my gardens.  Alas, we are also approaching midterms, which means I have many, many papers to grade.  My mom suggested I work outside on good days and save the paper grading for evenings.  A good idea, but, some days, the need to grade papers outweighs the desire to garden.

However, the positive signs of spring around here are the blooming jonquils and paperwhites; my tulips (planted in the fall) are surging up through the ground; the irises are showing signs of blooming.  In fact, most of my plants are showing signs of life.

I have many packets of flower, herb, and vegetable seeds ready to plant.  Now, if I only had the time to plant them.  Sigh!

Maybe over Mardi Gras break?  I hope so.

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Lela said...

I love plants! Too bad I don't have a green thumb...LOL. I do have a packet of moonflower seeds ready to plant - I just hope I can get them going!

For the music thing, I'll try to explain it: when you go in to design your page, you "add a gadget", then pick "html/javascript" from the list. A box will come up where you can give it a title with a bigger box below that. You copy & paste the code for your mixpod playlist in the bigger box, save it & that should do it. It took me WEEKS to figure that one out!

Enjoy your time outside - it's getting to be great weather, finallY!