Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hello, Spring Semester!

So I haven't updated my blog since NaNoWriMo ended in November. My bad. Too much hanging out on Facebook, I guess. Besides, very little happens that requires an update to the blog.

I guess the best thing that took place between November and now is the surprise birthday party we threw for my mom (who turned 80 in December) and my aunt (who turned 75 in November). I'll upload the pic of my family at the party as soon as I find it! I think it's on FB.

This semester feels a bit weird. I usually teach on Tu/Th, so this M/W schedule has me a bit off. I asked for this schedule so I wouldn't have to drive in extra days for all of the faculty, college, and university meetings. Most semesters, I'd end up driving in three or four days a month. With gas prices rising again, I think this will work better.

I'll try to update my blog regularly, just in case my English 226 students pop in to look at it. Let me go find that picture!


Here is is:

Back row: Ed, Jr., Mike, John, Al, my dad, Ed; front row: Mary, Jeri, me, my mom, Joan, James (the baby), and Lydia. My sister Theresa is missing from this picture, but she hardly ever shows up at family events.

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