Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger

I'm not one to dwell on Hollywood, but color me shocked! I was checking my email, when I saw the news flash about Heath Ledger. OMG! He was such a great actor. Loved him in The Brothers' Grimm and A Knight's Tale. Besides being georgeous and having a heavenly voice, he radiated intelligence and sanity. I'll be interested in finding out the results of that autopsy (I know that sounds gruesome, but enquiring minds really do want to know).

I'd rather hear more about Brittney Spears than hear this. I need to round up all of his films and watch them in a memorial tribute.

Oh, this is sad.

And my cat is still sick, so we're going to the vet's in the morning. Right now, he's hiding under the bed because I won't let him go outside. He's acting just like a kid.

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Coleman said...

OK, Ms. Smith! I've re-entered the Blog scene! I just set up my account tonight, and I wasn't sure if there was a way to "add" you or not---or a way to easily contact you via blogger. I kind of touched on your recent posts, and I'm glad that you enjoyed your Christmas and start to the new year. I read a line today that made me grin: further proof that God doesn't exist - Heath Ledger dies, and Britney still roams the Earth. I'll be posting soon! :Coleman (from 226-back-when)