Sunday, April 08, 2007

Thinkin' About the Weather...

I should have followed my instincts and not planted my garden before Easter Sunday. It's just an old farmer's tale, but I ignored it this year. A student's boyfriend came over and tilled up some ground (I paid him for it, so there's no impropriety here!), and, in the process, the tiller belt broke. That should have been a hint, or, as I point out in my lit classes, "foreshadowing." I ignored it.

So, I planted my garden on Friday and then spent the entire weekend covering and uncovering the plants to protect them from the COLD temperatures. But, hey, what do I expect? This is Louisiana, and it's APRIL, for crying out loud--no way should we expect freezing temps. Tornadoes, yes. A freeze, no.

And, since we have had temps in the eighties during the daytime (until this weekend), I had turned off my heater. When I turned it back on for this latest cold snap, it wouldn't come on. Which means I had to call the heating guy to come look at it.

All together, a weird weekend.

But it gets better. Several members of my family, including my parents, spent the weekend in a cabin at Grand Bayou, which is about ten minutes away from my house. I've seen more of my family this weekend than I have since Christmas! They actually stopped at my house on the way to the cabin and on the way home. They never come out here because it's "too far" (which is silly because I drive 90 miles round trip nearly every day and no one thinks it's "too far" for me!).

Right now, I'm sore from trying to mow an acre yard with an electric mower. The guys who normally do this for me told me they would do this two weeks ago, and I haven't seen them since. I pay them well, but I guess they don't need the money that badly. But I hate when people promise they'll do something and then don't. That makes them liars, and I don't like liars.

I've been mowing the yard in increments; I managed to get a majority of the front and about a third of the back done, and I did it over three days. My next purchase? A riding lawnmower! Then I won't have to listen to people promise that they'll get it done. I can just take a ride around my yard and mow the grass at the same time.

But I did plant a yellow rosebush, my favorite color roses! Let's hope it survives the weather!


Kathryn Usher said...

I don't have grass in my tiny back yard but I'm thinking about planting moss. It'll be green and I won't have to mow it. I think there's enough shade.

CrackHeadforTennis said...

Hey Mrs. Smith! I hope that you will read this response. I was doing last Thursday's blog, and I came to a conclusion that I was going to miss writing these blogs. I will continue on writing my blogs. Your class got me hooked on writing blogs. Seriously, I almost cried when you said that you were going to miss my blogs. I'm going to miss your class. I will explain in greater detail with my evaluation. Thank you for your comments. Insanity rules and so do you.

Shardai Dill

dotsmom said...


Moss is great! Go for it. I'm for anything you don't have to mow.


I will miss you (and your blogs, but as long as I have the link, I'll keep up with them!). I think your writing has gotten better, though it wasn't "bad" to begin with!

K. Smith