Sunday, April 29, 2007

Jelly Making

I was out in the yard yesterday, burning limbs again (I'm going to have to do it one more time), when I remembered that the Mayhaws should be ready to pick. I filled a bucket about half full, cleaned them, and stuck them in a bag in the fridge until I could make jelly. I did that this morning.

The last time I made jelly was when I lived in Texarkana--I made Pyracanthia jelly. We had a huge Pyracanthia bush that hung over our garage. I climbed a ladder and picked a bucket full, then made jars and jars of jelly.

I went to the store this morning to buy jars and pectin (you need that to make the jelly set), then boiled the Mayhaws down, strained them, added the sugar and pectin and boiled everything. I had to boil the jars and the lids--I bought a case of 12 small jelly jars, but had enough jelly left over to fill up a mason jar! It's beautiful--a pinkish color. The Mayhaws smelled sweet, but, of course, the sugar is what makes the jelly sweet! I'm just wondering how long it takes jelly to set. This still looks too liquid. Oh, well, if it doesn't set by Tuesday, I can try it again. {Note: The jelly appears to be setting! 04/30/07}

Next year, maybe I'll actually get some plums off the mature trees and maybe the new trees will bear fruit, also. And, of course, maybe the peach tree will bear more. So far, the five or six peaches that remained on the tree when I planted it are still there. Hmm, maybe I'm ready for the chickens!

And, help me and all the other farmers out here--turn off your cell phones once in a while so the bees can find their homes! Thanks!

I've read all the final blogs, graded the reading summaries, and made a list of everything I need to do in the next week. Just looking at it makes me tired; really, I do know how my students feel; whether they really believe me is another thing!


Anonymous said...

Pyracantha jelly! I made some years ago in AZ, but wasn't particularly impressed enough with the flavor to do it again, though it is an easy plant to grow.

Mayhaws? I've been trying to find out if I have any wild Mayhaws growing. I certainly haven't seen any fruit, but the trees could be too young or not getting enough sun. That's what I would like to see: some pictures with enough detail I could use them to identify what's in my back field/forest!

I have seen something low growing (not a bush or tree) and ferny-leaved with lots of little thorns and tiny red berries that are mostly seed and totally tasteless.

Don't get me started on plants and of my favorite things to do. Just planted a fruit orchard this last fall. Trying to turn my front yard into a jungle.

Haven't remembered to visit your blog in quite awhile - been too busy with Spring! I pretty much missed spring last year and swore I wouldn't miss it this year.

Some large bird (sounds like a goose) has been honking from the forest next door. Don't know what it is, haven't seen it yet. Went looking, but couldn't find it. Doesn't make sense - geese don't usually go in the forest.

Better stop before I give you a leaf by leaf description of all my little treasures!

Anonymous said...

Heck - forget about cuttings?

CrackHeadforTennis said...

Hey Mrs. Smith! You made jelly. That's so hip. You don't hear stuff like this nowadays. You hear about people making crack and other "cool" things in their houses, but not jelly. I love your comment. The "aces" caught me in the leg. Stay cool and I will chit chat with you later. Peace!

Shardai Dill

Chaos ReDefined said...

Wow you made jelly! That's cool. I used to help my paw paw pickle quail eggs. My mom used to get some fig jelly from one of our old neighbors. I don't like figs though and the jelly was horrible. I heard about the bee epidemic on the radio the other day. What's up with that? The world is definitely going to hell in a handbasket.

Steve called the other day with "very important news" as the message said. I returned the call to find out that the "very important news" is that we got our first very own piece of junk mail at our new house. He was so excited that I had to laugh at him.

Well, hope your jelly tastes better than figs! Have a great one!


dotsmom said...

Wow! Comments!

If you want cuttings, I'll be glad to let you take some. Contact me at and I'll give you directions to the house. Take as many as you want!

Virginia--first piece of junkmail? That screams for a blog posting!

Shardai, I'll be on campus Wednesday May 9 around 10am--I give a final at 10:30. If you come by my office around 10 or after 12:30 (before one-ish), I'll have a jar of the jelly for you. I filled 13 jars and I have 3 left! Obviously, lots of people like homemade jelly!