Friday, September 14, 2012

Chickens in the Driveway...

I have a Barred Rock hen, one of the Henriettas, who likes to walk on the wild side.  I constantly have to chase her from the front yard to the back, so I've named her "Miss Adventure" for her tendency to wander off in search of new pastures. At least I'm exercising more!  Wrangling chickens is a demanding job!

Yesterday, while I was reading drafts from several of my classes, I heard something--not loud, but rather metallic.  I thought, perhaps, the acorns were falling on the roof of the shed, which makes a nice pinging sound.  I looked out and discovered that several limbs had fallen from the Oak tree in the middle of the yard.  Not that unusual--limbs fall all the time.  But these limbs fell on the Henriettas' chicken run, flattening it to the ground.

Poor Henry the Roo was in the run by himself, but he's okay.  He did manage, though, to make it out into the  yard with ALL the hens!  He's having a great time chasing them.  And he's awfully proud of his prowess, too, judging by all the crowing he's doing.

This is Lydia, a Barred Rock mix.  Barred Rocks lay brown eggs, but Lydia's eggs are white.

Mrs. Bennet.  She's a Red Sex Link.  She lays brown eggs.

The Brahmas, aka The Dashwoods, Marianne and Elinor.  They lay brown eggs.

One of the Henriettas--this one is a Buff Orpington.  She lays brown eggs.

 A view of the collapsed run and some of the limbs that brought it down.

Another view.  You really can't see all the limbs in this, but I figure three large limbs came down, as well as a few smaller ones.

And yet another view. All in all, a mess, and a time-consuming repair.

Even my best-laid plans go awry.  But, in the midst of reading/grading, I need a break.  This wasn't quite the break I was looking for!

All's well, though.  The run is functional, though they don't usually spend much time in it, except when I go the the University to teach.


Bosslady said...

Maybe you should write a short story on the misdaventures of "Miss Adventure". She's like a curious kid, trying to find what makes everything work, where does this lead to, how can I get out of this. My grandmother's neighbor Mrs. Dorothy whose about 70 years old has chickens and hens in her back yard. She's been sickly and when I go to see my grandma I just cross the street to go check on her. And guess what she gives me in turn for checking on her welfare? Brown egss! I just give them to my grandmother. I'm very skeptical about receiving her eggs because I've seen her chickens and hens and what they eat, where she lets them roam and how clean they are. My grandmother just tells me to be gracious and take them. Maybe one day I'll get up the nerve to try them

dotsmom said...

Brown eggs are delicious, especially when they come from free-range chickens. You should try them.