Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A Day in the Garden

I finished all of my "schoolwork" by 1pm, so I treated myself to a gardening session.  I have a small garden surrounding an odd piece of fencing.  This year, I resolved to turn it into a cottage garden, hopefully full of flowers, if the seeds I planted come up.

But the day was made sweeter by two things: first, I pulled up three carrots.  I've never successfully grown carrots before, so this is a big deal.  They aren't very big, but I ate one, and it was yummy.  Here are two of the carrots:

Second, I took some pictures of hummingbirds.  I have a feeder on the fence piece, and, as I was working, the hummingbirds flew all around me.  I couldn't understand why I had to replenish my feeders so often.  Today, I discovered that I have five (5) hummingbirds competing for them.  They are fearless.  I took quite a few pictures, and they ignored me.  Here's one:

All in all, a good, relaxing day.  I planted more beans, onions, and carrots!  Let's see if these sprout.  The rest of the plantings are coming along just great.


Maria said...

Ms. Smith, hi! I am really impressed with the carrots! Thanks for sharing those pictures with us! We have tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumber, watermelon, and bell pepper in our garden this year. It is fun to watch them grow and they do seem to taste better than produce in the stores!

I am on day 15 of no cigarettes as of today. I decided to try the Chantix since the book Nick Flowers recommended did not work for me. I am determined that this will work even though I admit, I have always loved smoking! I was shocked at how expensive it is...$116 for the starter pack which lasts 4 weeks and then...get ready...$158 for the maintenance pack that lasts 4 weeks also. Those prices are at WalMart. I checked with Walgreens and their prices were higher. However, if one really thinks it is time to quit, Chantix really makes it easy and stress free!

I will truly miss this class. Thanks for being such a wonderful help on all the essays!

Maria Cimino

Alice said...
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Lela said...

Oops...I accidentally posted under our autism chapter's name. Sorry. Now...the carrots look great! I have always wanted to grow things, but I am not one to have much luck. My son and I planted a fairy garden last year and it was pretty while it lasted but everything died off. I'm going to have to try another butterfly bush because that one was gorgeous! :) The only thing I have that lasts are the gerber daisies I planted about ten years ago...they come back every year without fail! I bought moonflower seeds too and hope to get them growing!

I have enjoyed having your on-line class so much! I really like the blogging lesson and definitely have the ambition of keeping up with it! Thanks for everything and enjoy your garden this summer! :)

dotsmom said...

Thanks, Maria and Lela. I've enjoyed your essays this semester.

I am a haphazard gardener, at best, but I work to keep things going. I have a lovely herb garden, and several vegetable "boxes," as I like to think of them. I planted several kinds of beans, garlic, tomatoes, squash, eggplant, more carrots, onions (from seed, so...), bell pepper, and okra. I probably left something out, but that's okay.

I'll probably plant more.

Keep in touch, please! You can friend me on Facebook after I post your final grades!

dotsmom said...

Oh, and Maria, good luck quitting. You should talk to Lela--she quit a few years ago.