Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spring Semester Begins...

Yes, it's that time again. A new semester is off and running.  Usually, the first week of class is rather wild and unsettled.  For the first two weeks, I feel, at times, as though I have an entirely new class every time I show up.  Students add and drop for about two weeks.  They shop classes.  If the class seems to require too much work, students will drop it and search for one that doesn't seem so involved.

I don't have a problem with that, but I do have a problem with dropped students lingering on my Moodle courses.  Even after I delete them, they show up again until the administrator runs a purge against the registration records.  I checked some of my classes today, and they showed I had many, many more students in my classes than the Compass roster showed.  I get so confused!

Normally, the first week has a few glitches to it, but those are easily solved.  Today, though, was busy.  I had a student in my office almost as soon as I arrived on campus; then I taught two classes; then a former student stopped by to see me, a colleague needed help with a blog, and I helped with an equipment inventory.  I didn't stop until I left for the day.  I like busy days, but a busy day this early in the semester is unusual.  I survived it! 

Right now, I just want to veg out with a book, but I probably should check my email, etc.  But, no.  I think I need to stop for a few minutes and catch my breath, clear my mind. 

My classes and students are promising this semester.  So far, the students seem enthusiastic and willing to listen/work.  Later in the semester, we'll all start to drag!  But we'll deal with that when we need to.  Right now, I'm excited about the newness of everything.  I'll hold on to that feeling as long as I can!

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Nita said...

Good to know that professor feel the way that we do about getting on a schedule for each semester. I take all my books, binders, and supplies to work every day last week with the good intention of getting organized. Guess what, they are thrown about on the back seat of my car. I know I'll get it together this week but it seem to be a task that I haven't been able to accomplish yet. I am taking one day; one class at a time this week. I am happy this is my last semester, until I decide to get my Masters degree.