Thursday, April 02, 2009

April is Poetry Month...

so I am participating at NaPoWriMo at, where my friend, Catherine Rogers, moderates a forum.

I've gotten another friend/former student involved.  It's similar to NaNoWriMo--but for NaPo, the object is to write a poem a day.  I'm hoping it forces me to get back into the poetry-writing habit that I abandoned a while ago. 

I used to write poetry all the time--and I do mean that!  I've had poems published, and I received a fellowship for my poetry.  But, after I read and/or grade 60-70 essays or other writing assignments, I don't feel poetic.  By the time I finish grading papers, I feel like Eliza Doolittle in "My Fair Lady"--"Words, words, words--I'm so sick of words."

Just so my students don't go into a blue funk, let me say that not everything I read is awful.  It's just that, after my brain processes all those words, it has trouble finding more.  I have to decompress; then I have to begin grading again.  It's a never-ending cycle.

So far, so good...I've posted two poems.  I wrote them a few weeks ago, but I've been revising them.  As long as they're still "in play," I think of them as current.  And today I've written a couple of poems that need work, so I'll use those when I'm ready for someone to see them.

Ah, one must have these little challenges! 


Maureen O'Neal said...

Good luck with your poetry writing (though you won't need it)!

How did the novel (from November) turn out? I have been curious about that...

dotsmom said...

I'm still working on the novel. Those take so much more work!

K. Smith

Erin said...

That's one of my favorite movies, "My Fair Lady". Do you ever get inspiration from the well-written essays you have read?

I have to say, being able to read my classmates essays and blogs has inspired me to become a better writer. And to see writing in a different light.

I enjoyed your class. Hope you have time this summer to enjoy writing your poetry.
Erin Dorsey

Cathy Johnson said...

I think it is amazing that you still have the desire to write poetic writings after looking at all our papers.
I wish you the best of luck with your poetry writing. I am sure you will do a great job.

Ironbear said...

I'd like to write poetry, but never thought I had the talent for it. My Fair Lady is one of my favorite movies too!

Quailla said...

Wow, I didn't know that you wrote poetry. Even though I am not too suprised because you are a English teacher. Good luck with your writing!

dotsmom said...

I love to write, period. That makes me odd, I know! But words have such power.

Thanks for the encouragement and suppport; I will be teaching 226 online this summer, but I've discovered I can still write while I teach. I just have to carve out the space for it.

And, yes, Erin, I do sometimes get inspiration from my students' essays!


Nancy Piper said...

Good luck with your poetry writing. I will certainly watch your blog site even after the class is over to see how it goes for you. I also enjoy writing more, but it has also humbled me and I don't feel that I have the imagination or talent for it like I thought. Oh, and Michelle's blog? That was great, and it showed me where I come up short. Thanks for all your help!

dotsmom said...

Oh, Nancy, don't be so hard on yourself! Writing takes practice, so practice.

I still consider myself a practitioner, and I've been doing this for a looooong time. Always room for improvement!

K. Smith