Sunday, October 19, 2008

End of Break--Sigh!

Of course, it wasn't much of a break for me.  I graded papers every day, sometimes three sets.  I've missed the beautiful weather, something I intend to rectify when I'm through writing this blog.

Our "surprise" dinner was a surprise.  We managed to fool my father--if we can do that, we've accomplished something!  He was more surprised than anyone.

The staff at Monjuni's (the original one on Louisiana Ave.) did an excellent job. The food was excellent, and they added a special touch by giving my parents cards signed by the entire staff and by putting flowers on the tables.  We had one waiter, Chris, who did an excellent job of taking care of us.  I hope he enjoyed the huge tip we left him--it was probably as much as the bill!

About 30 of us managed to make it; a few of my brothers and sisters couldn't--working or out-of-state--or wouldn't, but I did finally get to see my two new grand-nieces, Camille and Emma.  The newest grand-nephew, Colton, was just born last week and lives in Atlanta.

All together, a great evening.


Myst said...

Sounds like a good time :-) Glad yall enjoyed it! I've always enjoyed Monjuni's, too!

Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day, outside!

K's thoughts said...

My break was spent working two jobs. Now that sounds like fun. But this weekend coming up my grandparents will celebrate their 50th anniversary. They are supposed to have a surprise dinner. Now that really sounds like fun.