Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Lazy Morning

I've been trying to change my "wake-up" habits this summer.  I used to get up, turn on the news, start the coffee, and feed the cats.  Then I'd watch the news and become thoroughly disgusted with the state of the world.

I've begun a new routine.  I still start the coffee and feed the cats--but these days, I take my coffee out to the back yard and sit in one of my Adirondack chairs.  I watch the birds, visit the gardens, and just "wake up" for about an hour before I try to do anything productive.  It's my meditation time.

I feel better.  I'm not as wrought up with what's going on, though I don't ignore the world.  I just delay its impact on me by spending some time observing my small corner of it.

This morning, I took some (fuzzy) pictures of the sunflowers, zinnias, bougainvillea and the one eggplant that's growing.  The sunflowers haven't developed seeds yet, but those are coming, I'm sure.  The zinnias are pretty, too.

garden july 08 011 I have a whole row of sunflowers along this fence piece, and I'll take another picture as soon as the rest of them begin to bloom.

I noticed, too, this morning that the hummingbirds chase the other birds as well as each other.  One hummingbird chased a cardinal up a tree.  That's tenacity. 

The zinnias are about the same color--a kind of pinkish-purple, very much like the bougainvillea, so they complement each other.

I've never been very good with flowers--well, to be truthful, I'm a neglectful gardener.  I like to plant things and leave them alone, so no-fuss plants are best for me. garden july 08 013 I probably shouldn't try to grow vegetables, but I can't help myself.  I just love vegetable gardens and the "fruits" of my labor.

Oh, and no peaches from my tree this year.  I went to pick the three I had, and the ants came streaming out.  I think I'll have to treat the bark in the spring to keep the ants off the tree.

garden july 08 018 And here is my lone eggplant.  I do have a few more about to open, but this one is well on its way to harvest.  And I noticed that the okra is finally producing.  It's been just standing there all summer.  I guess it just had to hit its stride.

The tomatoes are finally producing, but I'll have to wait until I come back from Austin to pick any of them.  By the end of August, I might actually have some vegetables!  I won't wait so late to plant next spring.


Kini said...

I too have recently changed my morning habits. I used to get up at 5:00 am. Head to the gym, get a good workout, shower and head to work. Now, I crawl out of bed at 6:00, shower and head to the office. I never realized that one hour could make such a big difference. Unfortunately, my change hasn't been for the best. I feel better and have more energy when I work out. (Not to mention, it keeps the pounds at bay) Your change seems to definitely be for the better. I turn the news on every morning while I get dressed and it just depresses me. Maybe I will switch to a music station. Maybe that will be more uplifting.

kitkat said...

I am also trying to grow Zinnias. I have no idea what I am doing. I have new buds, but the leaves are dying... it is very confusing. Also, I have no idea how much water they need. My soon to be mother in law planted them while I was out of town and did not leave the little card that comes with them. Good luck with yours, they seem hard to kill!

Mr. Smooth said...

I wish I could wake up early enough to meditate. As soon as the alarm rings, I am up and out. It must be nice to wake up in the mornings with a fresh cup of coffee and sit in the backyard and listen to the birds chirp. I think you should keep growing your vegetables and sell them. I think your hard work would pay off and people wouldn't have to go far to get their vegtables.

dotsmom said...

Well, Mr. Smooth (Coty), I've worked seven years to get to this point! So I'm trying to enjoy it. When fall comes, at least two days a week I'll have to jump and run, too.

And Kini (Jennifer), I used to get up at 5:30 in the morning to exercise. I should still do it, too, because the pounds are piling on. I lose weight when I work in the yard, but it's been too hot for that.

And I'm not sure I know who kitkat is, but I'll find out--my zinnias droop, too. I try to give them a deep water at least three times a week, but, when we don't have rain, I water them every morning. The bottom leaves dry up, but as long as the top leaves look good, you'll be okay. Consistent watering is the secret, I think.

Thanks for the comments!

dotsmom said...

Okay, "kitkat" is "Newbie"--I recognize the blog name from class, but I'll have to look you up. Love your pictures, especially the Canna lilies. I have those, too, in my front flower bed, and they are spreading (I want them to do that) and flowering again.