Saturday, February 23, 2008

Always call the busy person...

I'm constantly amazed that, though I don't think I can find one more minute to do one more thing, I can and do "find time" to squeeze one more task into my already task-filled day.

Last night, I read/graded a set of essays, and was finished fairly early. I also read some assignments from my one "small" class (7 people) and thought, "Oh, I have time to work on my paper/someone else's thesis project/knitting/reading." But, then I did the wrong thing. I checked my email and discovered a frantic message from a friend asking me to edit/read her essay that is due Monday.

So, two hours later, I still had time to work on a few other projects, but I didn't get to them as early as I thought I would. I stayed up until nearly 3am this morning, squeezing in a few of the things I wanted to do--work on the one remaining sock of a pair, read some Jane Austen, work on my new online class I want to teach in the fall. I lost track of time, yes. And I woke up, initially, this morning at 7am and forced myself to go back to sleep. I got up around 9:30am and immediately began working. I need to stop this!

In the children's book series, A Series of Unfortunate Events, one of the characters, Violet, says that time is the one thing we can't invent more of. She is so right. So I guess what I'm trying to do is fill up the time as much as possible with everything I need/want to do. You know, "make the most of time."

Today, I've already graded Wikis, conducted an online chat, and mopped both the kitchen and the bathroom (long overdue!). Now, I'm going to take a bit of time to work on one of my projects--writing a paper--and then I'll grade a set of essays. I'm drowning in paper, so I need to clean out the stacks and add to the burn/recycle pile. I burn the junk mail, and recycle the rest. But, then again, I may not get to that, which is fine with me. I need to stop working every single minute of the day--smell the roses, you know?

Tomorrow... well, I'll deal with that when I get to it!


Jeriel H said...

I agree. You should just take a minute to yourself and regroup from the stress of life. I think you are doing a great job (better than me). I am glad I decided to take this class. As you said, "I have learn more about myself now than I intented to learn." Thank you again! God bless!

Baby Ruth said...

I really like Amy Winehouse's music. I haven't heard her new cd yet, but I need to get it!!!!:)
Yeah, I guess we all need to dream a little....

Nomad by Nurture said...

I've read that Napoleon Bonaparte woke up in the middle of the night for a hot bath and to work. Not every night, but enough to be remembered for it.

Which supports my theory that lack of sleep promotes aggression, and while some see that as a bad thing, I think sometimes a little aggression gets the job done faster and more efficiently. It's like a confidence booster minus the martini.

But on the other hand, too little sleep to me is anything less than 8 hours, and anything less than 6 means I can't function at all.

I blame my parents for making my go to bed at 8:00 through my teen-aged years.

And all this long windedness was to say "There, there" and "Kudos" but also, "Please, do knit when you feel like it, because the papers will be there when your socks, and your REMs, are finished."

But you know all of this and I, like you I'm sure, find other people begging me not to stress or to telling me to relax or reminding me that by being stressed and not relaxing that I'm shortening my life rather condescending, so I should probably retract everything I've said.

But I'm an optimist, despite my efforts to resist it, and I believe it all and so I will not. Retract it.

Oh no! An inconculsive tangent! I'm Hans, aren't I? From "Magic Mountatin?" Damn that Mann.

CrackHeadforTennis said...

Hey! I applaud you. I wished that I could stay up past 3am. My body used to do that... School has just sucked you up, huh? I'm tired of school. I wished that I wasn't but that's the way things go. My eyes hurt typing up a comment. I hope to see you soon. Love always.