Thursday, September 27, 2007

CSI New Season!

Well, tonight at 8pm, I'm stopping everything to watch the premiere of the new CSI season. Of course, I, like every other CSI watcher, have to know if Sarah Sidle lives or dies. The gossip sites have been mum about this, and I haven't heard that Jorja Fox has accepted any new projects or that her contract hasn't been renewed, so I'm thinking she'll live. Actually, I don't really care whether she stays or goes, but I like the original CSI better than Miami or NY (in spite of Gary Sinese). This is really one of the few "new" shows that I keep up with; I have all last season on my iPod.

And today is my son's 27th birthday. How did he get so old? I can remember when he was a baby, and that doesn't seem so long ago. I'm curious about his new girlfriend--I haven't met her. I think I need to take a trip to Austin soon and check her out. Of course, I'm not that old! How great that my kids age and I don't!

Oops--minor interruption here--I had to grab Golem and throw him out; he brought in a bird he caught; and I've lost my glasses--I don't know where I put them down while I was chasing the cat around the house. D&%* cats! So now I need to go back over every place I chased the cat and see if I dropped the glasses on the floor before I step on them.

This has been a loooong week. And it's about to get longer. I have papers coming in from all of my classes, as well as their weekly work. How did that happen? Of course, in my defense, I gave one class an extension on their papers because they just couldn't get them together. I probably won't get these back too quickly, though I pride myself on turning work around quickly. But I'd like to get this all out of the way so I can keep up with the upcoming assignments. As I tell my students, we don't want to get behind; we want to work ahead. My problem is that my work is contingent on their work--if they don't get their assignments in on time, I can't grade them quickly. I spend too much time backtracking. Of course, the alternative is to just give them zeros and go on--not an unusual or unfair idea!


Fireman29 said...

CSI is one of my favorite shows too, but I prefer CSI Miami to the others for some reason.
Change in subject.....I have always wanted to go to Austin. I have heard that it is a fun place to visit. I have to get out of this city and venture out and see things and experience life outide of Shreveport.

Mary-Katherine said...

Hey Ms. Smith! I always love reading your blogs.

I'm glad you reminded me about CSI. I'm going to schedule my tivo to record it. I used to make a point to watch it every Thursday, but I got out of the habit last year.

Oh, and I loved your previous blog... you remind me of myself and how I tend to stop for a minute and relax/reflect.

Until next time, enjoy your coffee!

Hilda said...

I felt identified when you were talking about your glasses. Sometimes, I forget where I put my glasses and I have the hardest time finding them. Specially if my husband is not at home. I am absolutely blind (almost) without my glasses, so it makes it hard to find them. Not to mention that everything on my glasses is clear, even the frame.