Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Dog's Life

Don't get me wrong. Even though I am a cat person, I have nothing against dogs. Dogs are sweet (mostly), funny (when they aren't chewing up your $100 shoes), and lovable (if they are raised to be lovable). But, with my schedule and my definite independent spirit, cats just suit me better.

I don't need a fence to have cats; they ignore fences, true, but, if a cat is neutered, it usually won't stray far from its home. I can leave my cats for a week with ample food and water and clean litter boxes, knowing that they will not chew up the furniture or shred the feather pillows on my bed. Dogs, on the other hand, are high maintenance. A dog left alone for long periods of time will splinter the furniture and rip the wallpaper off the wall from boredom. Dogs need stimulation; cats just "vant to be alone." And, when they don't, they'll let you know.

The small town where I live does not have a leash law; dogs roam at will. Most of the dogs around here are big, usually hunting dogs, and they will chase anything that moves, from squirrels to skunks to...cats. About two Saturdays ago, three large dogs caught one of my cats on my front lawn; I thought they had mauled poor Boudreaux to death. He's fine now, but is not keen on venturing out the front door anymore, which makes me happy, but frustrates him. He has always been something of a bully, and it's just sad to see his lack of confidence (not to mention I have heart palpitations when any of my cats go out these days; I won't let them go out after dark anymore).

Dogs need to be kept home--at their homes. I don't want them in my yard bothering my cats or me. People who own dogs should keep them in fenced yards, inside, or on a chain. They should neuter their dogs if the dogs are not part of a controlled breeding program. Because my cats are neutered, they seldom leave my yard; they might go next door--the neighbor who owns the house next door loves cats; he has 5 acres and doesn't mind the cats hanging around because they kill mice and rats. My cats don't go in the road and they don't go across the ditch. I wish the dogs around here would learn from that. Better yet, I wish our town would institute a leash law and hire a dog catcher; maybe if we had a branch of the ASPCA, we could find owners who would keep them at home where they belong.


Aaron's Brain said...

Dogs are one of the many issues domesticated cats are facing today. There are also coyotes, children, other cats, and an occasional fox. Letting cats go outside is like having unprotected sex, and dogs are just one of the many STDs a cat is vulnerable to. Abstinence is the only true protection. If a leash law is created, which could be beneficial, I think there should be civil rights for all domesticated species. Otherwise, dogs are clearly being discriminated here. If cats and dogs cannot live in harmony, then the only viable solution is to divide every community into the dog side and the cat side. Of course, the line between the two sides will be for the least expensive homes and will involve the most animal on animal crimes. Each side will develop their own policies and regulations, such as no "littering" underneath the house, and will be trusted to adhere to them.

OK, I'm kidding. I'm all for leash laws. They do help protect cats, but they also help dogs from other serious accidents and injuries.

dotsmom said...

Funny commentary!! I'm so glad a spammer didn't reply to my post.

I used to keep my cats inside--I lived in another house where dogs took over the outside space and my cats were just not equipped to deal with them. Here, in my new house, I thought my cats would be safe, since they had lots of space. Obviously, though, dogs think they rule the world (NOT) and they just don't play fair!

Oh, by the way, love your video, and the post this week was excellent!

K. Smith

saltnmw said...

Sounds like your cat was mauled about the same time my Akita, Moose, was. We have leash laws, but the neighbor’s German Shepherd got loose, surprised us, grabbed hold of Moose’s butt, and would not let go. I kicked and punched and beat – he would not let go. I don’t know what finally did make him decide to let go. $250 later and a permanent zipper that hair will never cover…..

The neighbor said they would pay the bill, but I never asked. What’s unbelievable is that they are angry with me! Go figure!

Their dog got loose again, but this time I was able to intercept him. No doubt it will happen again – the end is bound to be ugly. Seems I just can’t be a good neighbor.